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The right study model for all your cardiomyocyte assays

PhysioStim offers a wide selection of assays on human and guinea-pig cardiomyocytes as well as additional cardiac safety studies in compliance with all ICH S7A and S7B guidelines and Good Laboratory Practices. We are a preclinical Contract Research Organization of highly experienced cardiovascular pharmacology and electrophysiology experts. The experts at PhysioStim provide a wide range of possibilities to conduct both your mandatory and complementary assays for reliable and efficient cardiac safety studies.

Human cardiomyocytes

Human cardiomyocytes derived from iPS cells provide a good solution to study the repercussion of drug-related effects on ion channels and their consequences on cardiac electrical activity during preclinical studies. This in vitro model is currently being validated by the CiPA initiative.

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Guinea-pig cardiomyocytes

Guinea-pig ventricular cardiomyocytes provide a good in vitro model to evaluate the cardiac safety of newly developed drugs according to the recommendations of the European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products.

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Our entire range of cardiac safety assays

A wide selection for reliable preclinical safety studies

The experts at PhysioStim go beyond standard study guidelines to conduct their safety studies. We provide a wide range of possibilities to conduct both mandatory and complementary studies and help your project move forward. PhysioStim has over 17 years of expertise in developing in vitro and ex vivo models to investigate potential drug-related cardiac adverse effects. We provide cellular models as well as tissue and organ models.

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