Frédéric Delteil, PhysioStim’s new Sales Director

Introducing Frédéric Delteil

PhysioStim’s new Sales Director

PhysioStim is pleased to announce the arrival of Frédéric Delteil, our new Sales Director. He recently joined the PhysiosTeam to animate and coordinate our sales network and increase our effectiveness in the field.

Frédéric holds a Master of Science in pharmacology and pathophysiology, a Pharmacovigilance Degree and an MBA from the IAE School of Management. He has extensive experience as a Business Development and Key Account Manager in the life science sector. To give you a better idea of what his arrival means to PhysioStim customers, here’s a quick takeaway from our interview with Frédéric:

The value of robust data for reliable preclinical cardiovascular studies

Frédéric: I am really proud to be part of the PhysiosTEAM and truly value the company’s solid business spirit. I definitely enjoy working for a company whose expertise in preclinical cardiovascular safety studies is recognized as a reliable business standard. PhysioStim has over 18 years of experience as a preclinical CRO for cardiovascular safety studies. Our GLP-label guarantees standardized and customized full preclinical services, from in vitro to in vivo studies in accordance with ICH guidelines. Delivering robust study data is one of our main strengths, especially since we’re all aware of the unfortunate outcome of unreliable studies.

Identifying customer needs to define the best cardiovascular study for their project

Frédéric: I strongly appreciate PhysioStim’s proactivity in responding to the growing demand and needs of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. My arrival will not change our focus on one-to-one customer relations: we always need to perfectly identify and anticipate our customers’ needs. Our main goal is to deliver state-of-the-art cardiovascular safety studies that fully fit the requirements of our customers.

Maintaining our leading position by anticipating regulatory and technological change

Frédéric: It is essential for PhysioStim to remain leader in the field of cardiovascular safety studies. We need to continuously offer innovative, tailored, high-quality and cost-effective services. PhysioStim fully accepts the challenges linked to evolving regulations, technology and scientific discoveries. Since fast-moving scientific, technical and regulatory advances also influence customer needs, we consistently monitor and anticipate evolutions to make sure our offer always includes the best of what science and technology have to offer.

Full-fledged cardiovascular safety trials through partnerships and new services

Frédéric: PhysioStim has been building partnerships for several years now, in order to complete its expertise in cardiac safety. By setting up a European platform of excellence, the company offers a full set of studies, ranging from early screening to regulatory preclinical studies. We also plan to grow our range of services internally, by adding new activities, but more news on that is to follow later.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Frédéric directly

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