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Quality control at every stage

PhysioStim is a GLP-certified CRO (Contract Research Organization). We expertly help pharmaceutical & biotech companies study the cardiovascular safety of a given drug or compound, derisk compounds at a preclinical stage, select the right lead candidates and determine early evaluation of compounds able to induce QT-prolongation. Solid quality assurance and excellent customer relations are at the core of our business. 

GLP Good Laboratory Practice

The term “GLP” or “Good Laboratory Practice” refers to a quality system that applies to non-clinical studies that assess the safety and efficacy of chemicals and pharmaceuticals to be used on man, animals or in the environment. GLP comprises a set of quality standards that guarantee the uniformity, consistency, reliability, reproducibility, quality and integrity of chemical and pharmaceutical non-clinical safety tests. The GLP quality system was adopted by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 1992, which has enabled the GLP standard to spread to many countries around the world.

PhysioStim, Grade A GLP-certified since 2003

Quality assurance at the core of every study

The GLP Quality Assurance label ensures that we respect Good Laboratory Practices throughout your study. PhysioStim obtained its first GLP-certification in 2001 (Grade B) from the French AFFSAPS agency (now called ANSM), the National Agency for the Security of Drugs and Health Products.

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In 2003, our expert team was awarded a grade A classification for our quality policy, which has been confirmed at every subsequent inspection. The GLP quality label requires validation every two years. Our last inspection dates from March 2018 and confirms our company’s Grade A quality standards.

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Other quality standards

3R: Replace, Reduce, Refine


Replace animal studies with other methods.


As many trials as required, as few as possible.


Minimize stress of study animals.                                   

The right study model to guarantee excellence

A wide selection for reliable preclinical safety studies

The experts at PhysioStim go beyond standard study guidelines to conduct their safety studies. We provide a wide range of possibilities to conduct both mandatory and complementary studies and help your project move forward. PhysioStim has over 17 years of expertise in developing in vitro and ex vivo models to investigate potential drug-related cardiac adverse effects. We provide cellular models as well as tissue and organ models.

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