Preclinical Cardiovascular CRO

Preclinical cardiac safety

A preclinical CRO expert in cardiac safety and cardiovascular pharmacology

PhysioStim is a discovery and preclinical CRO expert in pharmacology and electrophysiology on cardiovascular and vascular functions over two decades (+ 150 companies). We study the effects of compounds (and biologics), whatever their therapeutic areas for various purposes: mandatory safety, toxicology study, secondary pharmacology or integrated assesments during drug discovery phases. PhysioStim have a strong expertise in cardiac safety and cardiovascular pharmacology.

We offers a wide selection of ion channel assays as well as additional cardiac safety studies in compliance with all ICH S7A and S7B guidelines and Good Laboratory Practices. We are a Preclinical Contract Research Organization of highly experienced cardiovascular pharmacology and electrophysiology experts. As preclinical cardiovascular expert, PhysioStim provide a wide range of possibilities to conduct both your mandatory and complementary ion channel assays for reliable and efficient cardiac safety studies. We also respect the 3R principle and have already taken steps to comply with the upcoming CIPA guidelines.

in vitro preclinical testing

In Vitro

PhysioStim can perform cardiac ion channel assays using an automated or manual patch clamp for cardiac safety screening / cardiac safety profiling on a single channel, on  several or all « CiPA seven » ion channels. We are also certified GLP Since 2001 and able to perform hERG assay under GLP conditions.

With the xCELLigence RTCA Cardio ECR platform working with Human IPSc cardiomyocytes we provide the best for evaluate the cardiotoxicity of your compounds by recording simultaneously the cell viability, the electrophysiology and contraction parameters


Ex Vivo

Ex Vivo: Langendorff (Isolated Perfused heart, Guinea pig-heart), tissue organ bath (Pukinje fibers, aortic ring) – text comming soon

In Vivo

The ICH S7B guideline requires the use of the most appropriate in vivo species to assess the potential of a test substance to delay ventricular repolarization (QT interval prolongation). A telemetry study offers the ability to measure cardiovascular and other activities in conscious animals in a controlled environment. Physiotim offers to perform telemtry studies with many species in a welfare compliant way, both for mandatory purposes under GLP conditions and for experimental studies.


As preclinical cardiovascular expert, we are very attentive to trends in pharmaceutical companies such as the outsourcing of non-clinical studies and the need to be close to CRO study directors. We also able to adapt our standard and perform customized studies to pefect meet our client’s needs. We bring out the cardiovascular aspects at the earliest during drug discovery phases to be efficient in drug development. We provide advanced models for cardiac safety studies to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies reduce the R&D lead time of their drug by:

  • Studying the safety of compounds during preclinical trials
  • Derisking compounds at an early stage
  • Helping them select lead candidates during the preclinical stage
  • Determining compounds able to induce QT prolongation

High quality preclinical cardiovascular electrophysiology studies

  • Close relationship with your study director, who keeps you up to date at every stage of the study
  • Expert advice to help your project move forward
  • Continuous in-​house training of all our staff members (GLP, multisite studies, new technologies…)
  • Tracability of all study data
  • All raw data are audited by our Quality Assurance Department
  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Quality at every phase of your study, even in non-GLP studies
  • High quality GLP-certified data in a GLP-certified environment, even in screening studies
  • Compliance with ICH S7A and S7B guidelines
  • Respected deadlines

Publications by PhysioStim experts

Complexity of aortic rings constriction induced by endothelin to anticipate pharmacological effects on blood pressure

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Cardiac toxicity comparison of Roundup® and glyphosate

Cardiac toxicity comparison of Roundup® and glyphosate on human Induced Pluripotent Stem cells derived cardiomyocytes

Human Cardiomyocytes Roundup

Assessment of Roundup® cardiotoxicity on guinea-pig isolated Langendorff perfused heart and human lnduced Pluripotent Stem Cells derived cardiomyocytes

Human Cardiomyocytes aconitine resveratrol

Effects of resveratrol on aconitine-induced cardiac arrhythmia in human induced pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocytes

Human Cardiomyocytes Pentamidine Pilsicainide

Evaluation of two hERG channel trafficking modulators, pentamidine and pilsicainide, on stably transfected cell line and human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes

Preclinical tool for CARDIAC SAFETY assessment

A preclinical CRO: scientific team graduated in cardiac electrophysiology, reliable and high level of expertise in cardiac safety, GLP compliant since 2001, standardized and customized full services ...

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Role of Cardiac IKs Current in Repolarization Reserve Process During Late Sodium Current (INaL) Activation