Cardiovascular Pharmacology

PhysioStim Isolated Perfused Heart

Cardiovascular Pharmacology Assessment

PhysioStim is an independent preclinical CRO performing cardiovascular pharmacology of your compounds from the earliest stages during drug discovery phase to IND submission, and sometimes after. The vascular and heart tissues assays listed below are perfect for cardiovascular pharmacology studies. We like to be involved by sharing our expertise and upon request perform on-demand models.

Human Cardiomyocytes

hiPSC-CM provide rapid, reproducible and sensitive predictions of pharmacological effect on human normal and diseased cardiac tissue. It is also an integrative system that could easily identify potential cardiotoxic, cardioprotective, anti-arrhythmogenic, pro-arrhythmogenic, chronotropic and inotropic effects of compounds.

Ischemia reperfusion

Isolated Perfused Heart is an integrative and native expressed system that could easily identify potential cardiotoxic effects of compounds but also cardioprotective agent against ischemia reperfusion injuries. Therefore, this model could evaluate cardioprotection (cytoprotective effect) during global ischemia with preventive or curative treatment (prior or after ischemia).

Vascular Pharmacology

Some compounds through their targets or off-targets could modulate the vascular hemodynamic. That is why, we perform secondary pharmacology by using the isolated organ baths (aortic rings). Therefore, vasodilator and vaconstrictor effects induced by drugs are investigated with well established mediators .

Cardiac Pharmacology

Some compounds show direct effects on cardiac contractility or rhythm. That is why we perform secondary pharmacology (targets or off-targets dependent) by using the isolated organ baths (spontaneous right atria / Papillary muscle electrically stimulated).

In Vivo Pharmacology

Myocardial infarction, myocardial arrhythmias, inotropism in normal and diseased heart, chronotropic events, arterial pressure, etc … .PhysioStim has an access to the following technologies: peripheral ECG, Telemetred ECG and blood pressure, echocardiography, MRI, microcirculation, histological analysis, cardiovascular biomarkers analysis.

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