Your preclinical CRO for cardiac safety

PhysioStim is a preclinical CRO that specializes in cardiovascular pharmacology & electrophysiology assays for drug development


We provide advanced models for cardiac safety studies to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies reduce the R&D lead time of their drug by:

  • Studying the safety of compounds during preclinical trials
  • Derisking compounds at an early stage
  • Helping them select lead candidates during the preclinical stage
  • Determining compounds able to induce QT prolongation
PhysioStim Expertise

High quality cardiovascular electrophysiology studies

  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Quality at every phase of your study, even in non-GLP studies
  • High quality GLP-certified data in a GLP-certified environment, even in screening studies
  • Compliance with ICH S7A and S7B guidelines
  • Respected deadlines
  • Close relationship with your study director, who keeps you up to date at every stage of the study
  • Expert advice to help your project move forward
  • Continuous in-​house training of all our staff members (GLP, multisite studies, new technologies…)
  • Tracability of all study data
  • All raw data are audited by our Quality Assurance Department

Dedicated expertise throughout your safety study

PhysioStim is recognized as one of Europe’s most reliable preclinical CROs.

Our expertise in cardiac safety pharmacology stems from the skilled know-how of our in-house scientist team and the continuous improvement of study designs. The PhysioStim experts offer electrophysiological studies, preclinical resources as well as their dedicated expertise in answering ICH guidelines in accordance with GLP practices.

The right study model to guarantee excellence

A wide selection for reliable preclinical safety studies

The experts at PhysioStim go beyond standard study guidelines to conduct their safety studies. We provide a wide range of possibilities to conduct both mandatory and complementary studies and help your project move forward. PhysioStim has over 20 years of expertise in developing in vitro and ex vivo models to investigate potential drug-related cardiac adverse effects. We provide cellular models as well as tissue and organ models.

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