Expert in preclinical safety studies

hERG assays

High-level expertise and partnerships for reliable safety studies

PhysioStim, expert in cardiovascular safety studies, is one of Europe’s most reliable Contract Research Organization. Our experts offer electrophysiological studies, preclinical resources as well as their dedicated expertise in answering ICH S7A and S7B guidelines in accordance with GLP (Good Laboratory Practices).

High quality cardiovascular pharmacologyand electrophysiology studies for drug development

We help pharmaceutical & biotech companies:

  • Derisk compounds at an early stage
  • Select the lead candidates during the preclinical stage
  • Determine early compounds able to induce QT prolongation

Your expertfor all cardiac safety assays

  • Mandatory Preclinical studies: GLP-certified preclinical ICH S7B & S7A-compliant assays
  • Follow-up studies to complete your data: a wide range of in vitro and in vivo assays for cardiac safety studies

The right study model to guarantee excellenceA wide selection for reliable preclinical safety studies

The experts at PhysioStim go beyond standard study guidelines to conduct their safety studies. We provide a wide range of possibilities to conduct both mandatory and complementary studies and help your project move forward. PhysioStim has over 20 years of expertise in developing in vitro and ex vivo models to investigate potential drug-related cardiac adverse effects. We provide cellular models as well as tissue and organ models.

Specialist partners to coverall aspects of your study

To offer the full range of preclinical safety studies and guarantee High Quality Data services on the main human cardiac ion channels throughout your entire study, we work with  carefully selected range of top experts from various fields.

Apconix |

High throughput ion channel screening services (HTS) on the main human cardiac ion channels panel involved in the CiPA initiative (hERG, Nav1.5, Cav1.2, KvLQT1/​MinK, Kir2.1, Kv4.3) and also on a wide range of other ion channels screening assays.

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In vivo models from anaesthetised and non-anaesthetised animals (multi-frequency telemetry recording in pair-housed animals, high quality ECG in chronically-instrumented animals).

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Eurofins | www.eurofins.comQuinta |

GLP formulation analysis (development, validation of a method and formulation analysis, determination of compound in collected samples, solubility and stability study).

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